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Home of fresh handmade soap and natural beauty products

At The Handmade Soap Store we specialise in luxurious handmade soaps and natural beauty products that feed your skin as well as cleansing it.

Our handmade soap selections include all natural soaps made with natural, plant extracted, aromatic essential oils and colourants; and nearly natural soaps consisting of manmade fragrances and/or colourants nearly impossible to find in nature.

Our natural beauty products are fresh, handmade and designed to feed your skin using potent, nutritious ingredients. They contain no ’empty’ ingredients, fillers or emulsifiers, just pure wholesome nutrients that will improve the texture and feel of your skin, strengthen and aid healing and promote natural blood flow for a healthy complexion.

Our products are created with great environmental consciousness, which ensures that they are totally palm oil free, cruelty free and 100% vegetarian (mostly vegan). Neither our products nor their ingredients are tested on animals.


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