At The Handmade Soap Store we pride ourselves on the quality of our luxurious handmade soaps & natural beauty products, created using traditional methods with only the finest ingredients .


Why are we different?

Many “handmade soap makers” use pre-manufactured “glycerine soap” and simply melt it down, add fragrance and colour and pour it into moulds. We NEVER use pre-manufactured soap, as they often contain many over-processed, inferior ingredients and unnecessary chemicals. Sure, these soaps may smell nice and look pretty but they are not real handmade soap.
We never use palm oil, animal fats and sulphates often found in many lower quality soaps. Instead we use sustainable, rainforest friendly, coconut oil, olive oil, rice bran oil and castor oil. In many of our soaps we often use shea butter, cocoa butter, and other skin nourishing ingredients.
All our soaps are handmade in small batches using the traditional ‘cold process’ method using only the finest oils, butters, essential oils and blended fragrances. Each bar is cut by hand and left to cure for a minimum of six weeks for a firmer longer-lasting soap.

Our handmade soap selections include all natural soaps made with natural, plant extracted, aromatic essential oils and colourants; and nearly natural soaps consisting of manmade fragrances and/or colourants nearly impossible to find in nature.

All Natural Soap
Our all natural soaps are made with 100% pure plant oils and butters using the traditional ‘cold process’ method to preserve the natural goodness of the oils and 100% of the glycerine produced during the saponification process. They do not contain any artificial or manmade ingredients. The colours obtained in the soap come from naturally derived products, sometimes clays, sometimes natural herbs and roots. Finally, essential oils are extracted from herbs and flowers either by steam distillation or by cold pressing. Essential oils are all natural and are thought to have both mental and physical therapeutic effects.

Nearly Natural Soap:
These bars contain fine fragrance oils made especially for handmade soap in addition to or instead of essential oils, and a few contain pigments for the colour of the soap. Not to worry, the soap formula is the same natural, rich base combination of olive, coconut, rice bran and castor oils, with plenty of moisturising organic shea butter. These soaps were developed specifically for scents we love, as well as their silky, luxurious lathers.

Natural Beauty Products:
We design and produce a range of natural, luxurious bath, body & skincare products.  We only use the very finest ingredients, such as Argan Oil, Shea & Cocoa butters, high quality essential oils & carrier oils.
Our aim is always to use raw ingredients that are natural, and wherever possible organic. All products are fresh, handmade and designed to feed your skin using potent, nutritious ingredients. They contains no ’empty’ ingredients, fillers or emulsifiers, just pure wholesome nutrients.
We do not use any of the harsh chemicals that can be found in the majority of skincare products, as we know additives such as Parabens and SLS can cause skin irritations.